October 2009-May 2010

CAPPE 2009 – 2010 Annual Research Seminar in Politics and Philosophy: Alain Badiou

Slavoj Zizek has described Alain Badiou as the greatest living philosopher. This course engages in a critical reading of Badiou’s work. The course is aimed at staff and research students interested in political philosophy. It takes place over two semesters, and may be taken as a one semester or year long course. During the course of the year we critically analyse Badiou’s accounts of philosophy, art, politics, love, science and universalism. We will situate these in relation to the work of other theorists, both contemporaries of Badiou, and others whom he draws upon.

The research seminar series hosted by CAPPE will focus on a different theorist/philosopher in each academic year. During the course of the year students on the course will engage in close critical reading of the Philosopher/Theorist in question. Research students will learn the art of close but critical reading, and will broaden their knowledge of contemporary theory. At the end of academic year we complete the course with a workshop involving critics of the philosopher studied, and where possible the author in question.

Start date: Monday 12 October 2009, 4.30pm, Pavilion Parade.


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