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Source: mytherapyapp.com. (2019).

We are four 2nd year Biomedical Science students, who have developed this web page to provide our fellow second year biomedical science students with more understanding and knowledge about Type II Diabetes (T2D) Mellitus and how exercise can be used for the management of this condition.

Many recent studies have highlighted the fact that exercise may be beneficial for individuals suffering with T2D, however, different types of exercise may have different effects on the condition both in the short-term and long-term. We hope to thoroughly explore, the different effects of both endurance exercise and resistance exercise alone and a combination of the two.

Keirra Phillips has started off our discussion by providing some background information on this condition and how badly it affects individuals, highlighting some key questions that may be asked and comprehensively answering them.

Resistance exercise has been proven very beneficial for healthy individuals, Gabriela Wyzynska has carefully put together some valuable information and analysed a range of studies to conclude whether or not these benefits are translated to patients with T2D as well.

Igor Santos has underlined some metabolic effects of endurance exercise on the human body and accentuated how this may link to T2D; strengthening the argument by including a variety of relevant literature to assist the information provided.

Najoua Moumen ends our discussion by detailing the benefits of combining both resistance and endurance exercise. Illustrating whether merging these types of exercise is more or less beneficial for T2D or whether a significant effect cannot be seen.

We hope this blog is helpful and capable of efficiently providing you with decent information about T2D and exercise.

Written by Gabriela W., Igor S., Keirra P. and Najoua M.; published on 13/12/2019.
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