So what exactly is “Burning” about Apps anyway?

Burning of the Clocks is a unique Brighton-community event that occurs every year on the 21st of December.  It’s a little bit pagan, in that folks make special lanterns (clocks) which are paraded through Brighton, and then lit on fire on our beach to ‘send off’ the old year.


At the University of Brighton, we decided that there were enough great Uni’s out there running the 12 Apps of Christmas programme, so we decided to create the “Pudding” of the 12 Apps of Christmas. Running an event where the ‘apps’ are actually being used, and to give some wonderful case-studies of technology being used in Learning and Teaching.

We have a day of technology held at one of our newest innovative teaching spaces, the Explore Studio where we have technology for people to explore, and also live-streaming sessions of the academics talking about their use of technology-enhanced teaching and learning practices.