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Black and white image showing a human-like figurine sculpture in a window

Sculpture and Design 2005

A British Academy-supported conference organized by the Design Archives’ Curator Catherine Moriarty with Gillian Whiteley of Loughborough University, this event brought together a range of scholars to discuss the relationship between sculpture and design. It explored the connections between sculpture and design and sculptors and designers, considering aspects of education, authorship, making and manufacture, display,…

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Black and white photograph showing 6 boxes of Ilford film, 2 each of FP3, HP3 and Selochrome.

The Photograph and Commodity Culture 2004

From its origins in the mid nineteenth century to the present day, photography has been intimately linked with the development of a commodity culture and to the processes of consumption. A one-day symposium organised by Photoforum and the University of Brighton Design Archives explored, from both historical and theoretical perspectives, the various ways in which…

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Image shows a record player pick-up arm over a pink vinyl record with a purple centre.

Ecstasy of Things, Winterthur, Switzerland 2004

‘Vom funktionalen Objekt zum Fetisch in Fotografien’, Fotomuseum, Winterthur, Switzerland 2004. The Archive’s Curator was invited to co-ordinate research in the UK as part of a pan-European project to identify collections of photography of mass-produced goods and equipment produced by or for industry. Digitisation technician, Sirpa Kutilainen, assisted with the research process, the objective being…

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A Kodak Brownie 44A camera with the case open showing the lens hanging by it's straps against a dark red background.

Brighton Photo Biennial 2003

A series of cards selected by those working with, or closely connected to, the photographic holdings of the Design Council Archive (Council of Industrial Design) and published to mark the Brighton Photo Biennial 2003.

The fourth branch of The Coffee House group built on the site of the first coffee-house which opened in Fleet Street 300 years previously (in 1657) . Design and decor by Antoine Acket in association with Mr. E.E. Barlow FRIBA. This photograph shows the entrance to The Coffee House and the staircase leading to the balcony above. In the centre can be seen some of the Wareite surfaced tables which incorporate original etchings by Dolf Rieser and in the upper right hand corner can be seen one of two ceiling etchings produced by Dolf Rieser in several colours and in which BAKELITE polyester resin reinforced with glass fibre material has been used.

Designing Britain 1945-1975: The Visual Experience of Post-war Society 2002

An award of £132,000 from JISC enabled the delivery of a major project for the Design Archives, a suite of eight online e-learning and teaching resource modules based on the wealth of the Archives’ holdings. Lecturers from a range of art and design disciplines were selected to author the modules utilising visual resources from the…

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Image shows four mannequins arranged across the frame. From left side wearing red dress and hat, beige coat and hat, not fully visible and puffy white dress and head wrapping.

Les Sixties: Great Britain and France 1962-1973, Brighton Museum & Art Gallery 1997

The exhibition Les Sixties:Great Britain and France 1962-1973 examined art and society in France and Britain during the 1960s. It included photographs from the Design Council Archive relating to the exhibition L’Idée et la Forme. Design en Grande Bretagne that was held at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris in 1971. Organised by the Central Office of Information and…

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