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A colour photograph showing a person's hands holding an iPad and an iPhone

Design Archives win AHRC award

Developing a critical position on digital environments and digital content, and considering what this means for researchers, is central to the work of the university’s Design Archives. A successful bid in the latest round of AHRC Digital Transformation awards ensures the university remains in a key position in this area of debate. As Principal Investigator,…

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A detail from an article from the Industrial Design magazine from February 1957, showing a woman with a stylish car. Taken from the Design Council Archive housed at the University of Brighton Design Archives.

Design Archives material in significant London exhibitions

Material from the Design Archives collections can currently be seen in two important exhibitions at major London galleries. Tate’s substantial new survey of the work of founding Pop artist Richard Hamilton includes three of our bound volumes of Design magazine, the journal of the Council of Industrial Design, from February 1968. Displayed in vitrines, the magazines show…

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Colour photograph of Leah Armstrong doing research in the University of Brighton Design Archives

What happens when cultural institutions and academics collaborate?

Leah Armstrong, one of the Faculty’s AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award students, is speaking at a national conference ‘Making Connections: Collaboration in Research and Practice, on 10 January 2014. Her paper ‘Professionalism and the Designer: Connecting Past and Present’ draws on her doctoral research which connects design historical scholarship and the digital humanities in new ways….

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Colour photograph of designers looking through the Icograda Archive at the University of Brighton Design Archives

Top designers select world-class posters

There was something magical about the archive staff getting the posters out of the drawers and people’s initial reactions to seeing them – I could be there for weeks! Ian Wright There is ‘something’ about the Archive – it has a confidence in its tone of voice and how it communicates. Will Hudson Conceived by…

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Image shows 'Georgina' at the Cutty Sark, a figurehead from the collection of Sydney Cumbers, also known as Captain Long John Silver, which was displayed at Black Eyes & Lemonade in 1951. Photograph by Catherine Moriarty, 2013.

Curating Popular Art

Building on the critical and popular success of the current exhibition Black Eyes and Lemonade at the Whitechapel Gallery, Faculty researchers are among the designers, curators and artists speaking at a study day on Friday 14 June. Join Simon Costin, Liz Farrelly, Jeff McMillan, Catherine Moriarty, Martin Myrone, Louise Purbrick and Penelope Sexton who will be examining the…

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A still from Get Rid of Yourself digital video by Bernadette Corporation, 2003.

Radical [vs?] Institution: Revisiting Archives to Form the Future

The current Design Archives project at the Whitechapel Art Gallery Black Eyes & Lemonade: Curating Popular Art will be discussed at an ICA seminar on 5 June. Asking if the relationship between radical collectives and institutional structures in the arts is paradoxical, the event looks at how, through the use of archive materials, institutions have habitually probed…

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Cover of the Enjoying Archives book by David Iredale.

Design Archives Archivist keynote speaker at University of Northumbria

Sue Breakell, Archivist and Research Fellow at the Design Archives, is the keynote speaker at a workshop on ‘Archives and Archival Practices’ at the University of Northumbria on Friday 24 May 2013. This interdisciplinary event considers the role of archives in contemporary culture and the diverse forms that archives can take. It looks at the…

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Detail from an illustration by Barbara Jones for the This or That publication by the Scottish Committee of the Council of Industrial Design. Taken from the Design Council Archive, University of Brighton Design Archives.

Black Eyes and Lemonade: Curating Popular Art at the Whitechapel Gallery

Black Eyes & Lemonade: Curating Popular Art at the Whitechapel Gallery is a project devised by Design Archives Curatorial Director, Catherine Moriarty and the Director of the Museum of British Folklore, Simon Costin in collaboration with the Whitechapel Art Gallery Archive Curator, Nayia Yiakoumaki. The project explores the radical exhibition of British popular and traditional art…

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A printed page showing 'Bachelor bed-sitting room'. Detail from exhibition catalogue for 'Design At Home' (1945), organised by CEMA. Taken from the Design Council Archive housed at the University of Brighton Design Archives.

Faculty academics and doctoral students at Art Historians’ conference

Curatorial Director Dr Catherine Moriarty and Archivist Sue Breakell are speaking at the annual conference of the Association of Art Historians, being held at the University of Reading from 11-13 April. Both will draw on the Design Archives collections, those of the Council of Industrial Design and the artist and illustrator Barbara Jones. Breakell’s paper ‘The taste of everyday…

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A black and white photograph showing Natasha Kroll and other Reimann School staff, circa 1938. Taken from the Natasha Kroll Archive housed at the University of Brighton Design Archives.

New article on Design Archives émigré designers

A new article by Design Archives curators Lesley Whitworth and Sue Breakell has been published by the Journal of Design History.  Introducing the archives of five émigré designers held at the Design Archives, it indicates their rich potential in the under-researched field of émigré design. The designers – Willy de Majo, FHK Henrion, Natasha Kroll, HA Rothholz and Bernard Schottlander – all migrated to Britain in…

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