Portrait of Professor Emeritus Jonathan M Woodham The Jonathan M Woodham Award was instigated through the generosity of one of the Design Archives founders, to encourage imaginative use of research undertaken in the Design Archives. In 2023 we are excited to inaugurate a dedicated undergraduate prize in support of Professor Woodham’s aims in establishing the award:

to encourage pioneering work using the Archives and bring new knowledge to the field, possibly in more imaginative ways than has been achieved to date. I would also like to make this award available as a gesture of thanks and solidarity to fellow academics at Brighton who have done so much to progress the field in what are difficult times for the creative arts and humanities.”

The prize was first awarded in 2019 when our winners were Dora Souza Dias, a doctoral candidate in the School of Humanities, and Karen Fraser, a Masters student in the same School. Souza Dias’ work was entitled ‘International Design Organisations and the Study of Transnational Interactions: the Case of Icogradalatinoamérica80’.  Fraser’s work was entitled: ‘“We brought the whole popular art scene right up to date”: Barbara Jones, The Unsophisticated Arts and Black Eyes and Lemonade, 1951’.  She has written a piece about her experience of researching in the Design Archives and winning an award.

Details of the processes for application to the £1,000 postgraduate prize (deadline midday Monday 4 September 2023) and the £250.00 undergraduate prize (integral to end of year processes) are available here.