A new exhibition at Brighton CCA, at the University’s Grand Parade site, continues an ongoing programme of artist commissions using the University of Brighton Design Archives as a starting point.  Brighton CCA commissioned Resolve Collective to make a new body of work, building on their concept of using the city as a source: for materials, for community, for history and context. The process began in the summer of 2022 with a number of research visits to Brighton and in particular the Design Archives. These visits were foundational for the project, informing the development of the work as the collective discovered more from the Archives about the history of the city, the Brighton School of Art which is now part of the University, and its buildings on this site. The evolution of their project, Summer House, which centres on the idea of a retreat or regenerative break, was directly informed by this research.

For more details of the exhibition and related events and programming, visit Brighton CCA website.