‘Vom funktionalen Objekt zum Fetisch in Fotografien’, Fotomuseum, Winterthur, Switzerland 2004.
Image shows a record player pick-up arm over a pink vinyl record with a purple centre.

3009 and 3012 precision pick-up arm for record players made by SME Ltd. Designed by A Robertson-Aikman and WJ Watkinson. One of ten recipients of a CoID Design Centre Award in 1962.

The Archive’s Curator was invited to co-ordinate research in the UK as part of a pan-European project to identify collections of photography of mass-produced goods and equipment produced by or for industry. Digitisation technician, Sirpa Kutilainen, assisted with the research process, the objective being to source material in business or local authority archives, to select examples, to arrange digital copies, to compile metadata to send to Switzerland for exhibition and publication. A large number of photographs from the Design Archives were included in the exhibition.