Brightnest team members at EMI in Szentendre, Hungary

BrightNest team members at EMI in Szentendre, Hungary

Solar Decathlon team on site, Brighton

Della Madgwick,
Manager of Nerboughood Integration and Impact, as well as circularity and sustainability for BrightNestEU project. She is the Course Leader for the University of Brighton’s BSc (Hons) Building Surveying course. She also teaches Sustainable Construction. Her research interests focus on people, their behaviours and their housing, with a particular focus on new housing built since 2014.


Ruoyu Jin ( Roy ),
Project Lead and Faculty Advisor of BrightNestEU
Ruoyu Jin is currently working as a senior lecturer in Built Environment and Civil Engineering, with personal teaching and research experience focusing on concrete materials, construction waste management, and building information modelling (BIM) in construction management.



Kirsty Smallbone,

Head of School of Environment and Technology, Research
Perceptions of, and access equalities to, environmental information,
The politics of accessing health information
Recreational perceptions of rural spaces,
Spatial distribution, sources and characteristics of particulate PM10 and PM2.5 pollution,
Pan-European air quality initiative examining the spatial and temporal distribution of ultrafine particulates and health.


Hamid Isfahany,
advisor of structural engineering. Hamid is interested in the role of civil engineering in hazards mitigation and the relevance of structural engineers to sustainable design of buildings, as well as computer-integrated analysis, design and fabrication of structures. Hamid is equally passionate about computer aided (or blended) learning and project based learning to improving students’ visualisation, drawing and design skills.


Suzy Armsden,

BrightNest Project Administrator. Suzy works at the PA to Head of School and is also the Research administrator.  She has worked in the School of Environment and Technology for 5 years and has extensive project experience within the industry sector.




Rhys Hooks,
Project Manager of BrightNestEU,
BSc Project Management for Construction
Research field: Safety Culture and Performance



Noel Painting,
Project Committee Chair of BrightNestEU, Course leader of the Architectural Technology degree at the University of Brighton. His research is in design and procurement on which he lectures at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and is currently supervising 3 PhD students. Noel was a member of the ARCOM scientific committee member from 2006-2012 and is currently an external examiner at Sheffield Hallam University. He has validated courses internationally and has been part of six CIAT accreditation panels for BSc Architectural Technology courses. He also carries out work as a consultant for to a major outdoor music festival promoter with a focus on health & safety management at events.

Hannah Wood,
Team member of BrightNestEU contributing to public communication and neighbourhood integration. Hannah is a senior lecturer in the Built Environment and Civil Engineering division, focusing specifically on Construction and Project Management. Hannah’s experience in the construction industry began in topographical surveying, moving into construction engineering and management.



Mahmood Alam,
Lecturer within Built Environment division of the School of Environment and Technology. Mahmood joined the University of Brighton in 2017. He has previous experience of working on research and knowledge transfer projects.



Philip Ashton,
Principal Lecturer in Construction Management works as the advisor of engineering and construction for BrightNestEU.



John Smith,
Principal Designer of BrightNestEU, BSc Architectural Technology, MCIAT, CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant.
Founder of Cityzen UK
Visiting Lecturer of University of Brighton


Alexandra Duffy,
Part of the sustainability team of BrightNest and student liaison.
Alexandra graduated from the University of Brighton this year with First class honours in BSc Building Surveying and is currently studying MSc Project Management for Construction. Her interests include sustainability, eco-building and self-builds.




Sharmina Rahman,
Part of the Photography and Videography team of BrightNest. Studying Digital film (Hons) at the University of Brighton



Christian Mutebi,
Part of the Photography and Videography team of BrightNest. Studying Television and Digital Media Production at the University of Brighton.




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