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Information for contributors

Information for Contributors

The Brighton Journal of Research in Health Sciences (BJRHSc), is an electronic journal, which publishes the following types of articles, but welcomes any submission of relevance:

  • editorials
  • original articles
  • original research
  • study day and conference reports
  • correspondence
  • case reports
  • notices
  • review articles
  • news articles

Authors are requested to submit a copy of their typescript as MS word document, preferably by email as the co-editors cannot accept responsibility for damage to/or loss of material discs. When a paper is accepted for publication,it is done so on the understanding that it is not being submitted simultaneously to any other journal in the English language. The co-editors will make editorial and literary corrections as they see fit. Any opinions expressed or policies advocated do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the co-editors or the School of Health Sciences.

Any article submitted should contain:

  • title of the article
  • Initial, name of each author and relevant qualifications
  • name and address of the department or institution to which the work should be attributed
  • name, address, telephone number and e-mail address for the author responsible for correspondence
  • abstract or summary and section headings if suitable

Diagrams, illustrations and Photographs

All diagrams, pictures or illustrations should have a short description or caption sent with them. Titles should appear above each table or figure. They should also be referred to in the text. Photos should be sent as an attachment and as a jpeg file, along with where you wish them to be placed.

All photographs that are to be utilised in submitted/ approved published articles should have the appropriate copyright and consent received. Evidence will be required before any article is published.


References should be presented in the Harvard style. The accuracy of the reference you provide is the author’s responsibility.

A list of all the references in your manuscript should be typed in alphabetical order, on a separate sheet entitled ‘References’ at the end of the paper. Each reference to
a paper needs to include authors’ surnames and initials, year of publication, full title of paper, full name of journal, volume number, and first and last page numbers.

Copyright for all published articles remains with the author. By submitting to JRHSc, authors acknowledge that all submissions are their own work and that all sources have been acknowledged.

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