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Why joining a society was the best thing I did

Thivya, biomedical science, joined the Music Society in her first year. Here’s her top ten reasons why you should get involved.

Making new friends - University can be intimidating at first but joining a society puts you in a place where you can meet others going through the same thing. The people you meet will likely be the people you remember long after your time at university is over.  

Improving confidence Having to meet lots of new people pushes you out of your comfort zone, whilst also giving you the opportunity to try new things. 

A distraction from homesickness – Keeping yourself busy is one of the best ways to deal with moving away from home. You meet other people who are in the same boat, which will help you cope. 

Discover the city – Society socials are some of the best chances to get to know where you’re living, whether that’s on nights out, going to open mics, or discovering hidden gems with your friends.  

Keep up with your passion and maintain your fitness – Just because you’re studying a science doesn’t mean you have to drop your interest in the arts; and if a gym membership isn’t for you, joining a sports team is a great way to keep fit! Keeping your mind and body healthy is the key success at university.  

Learning life skills – Societies can teach you all sorts of things, but above all, you’ll gain emotional intelligence and social skills. It will improve your social presence and in turn, can help your academic work – being in a society makes you a more experienced and effective team member.  

Time out from studying – Spending time at society meetups is a great way to hang out with different people to relax (and is definitely more productive than binge-watching Netflix). 

Networking opportunities – Networking is so important for your future prospects, and it’s all about who you know. Joining a subject-specific society like Law Society or Biosoc will place you amongst other people in the same field and building a relationship with them could become invaluable for you in the future.  

One-time opportunities – Once you leave university, it’s unlikely that you’ll go on a crazy, jam-packed sports tour again, or go to an unforgettable gig with 20 of your friends. Seize the opportunities that societies give you and make those memories.  

Leadership skills – Joining a society might inspire you to join the committee for the next academic year, or even start your own one! Being a committee member or establishing your own society will enhance your management and organisational skills and will undoubtedly help you in your future.  

Laura Ruby • July 14, 2020

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