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Being mentored helped with me with my confidence

Biomedical Science student Ervette tells us about how having a mentor really helped boost confidence.

During my first year, I struggled a bit. I found it hard being away from my family and my confidence was low. In the second year, I decided to change things and make my uni experience better by signing up for the mentoring programme.

My mentor and I worked on building my confidence and at the end of the programme during the celebration, I stood in front of a large audience and gave a speech.  It was an outstanding experience and I can look back now and see how mentoring helped to raise my confidence and improve my public speaking skills.

My grades also improved. My mentor also helped me to set goals such as asking my lecturers more questions and improving y time management skills. I can really see the difference in my grades from my first year to second year.

My mentor helped me to find a volunteering role at the hospital in Brighton. I go round the wards making sure that the patiences are okay and keeping them company. It has helped me to see what working at a hospital actually looks like. There’s a certain sadness to it, but I do also feel a calling to it.

Laura Ruby • July 14, 2020

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