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COVID 19: a lesson on why vaccines are so vital

The Coronavirus crisis has highlighted the critical need for families to keep up with vaccinations, according to a Brighton immunologist.

Dr Nadia Terrazzini said: “We are living through the biggest case study of what the world would look like without vaccines – they are the single most effective way to protect us from infections.

“This crisis will be over and we will probably all come out if it feeling different people, on many levels. And it will, hopefully, make us all more aware of the importance of vaccines and the role of immunology research.”

Dr Terrazzini, from the University of Brighton’s Centre for Regenerative Medicines and Devices, had planned to join the British Society of Immunology’s (BSI) now-postponed ‘Celebrate Vaccine Day’, aimed at highlighting the key role vaccine research plays in improving global health.

“Still, we have not missed the opportunity to make some noise on social media, with Facebook posts and Tweets #CelebrateVaccines.”

Dr Terrazzini, Senior Lecturer in the university’s School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Science, said: “As an immunologist, I feel passionate about sharing with the public better understanding of vaccines.

“We live through challenging times. But immunology has never been such a hot topic. Everyone is talking about it and learning what antibodies are, what is immune memory. Even politicians are now claiming they understand herd immunity!”

The BSI awarded Dr Terrazzini a grant to give a presentation sometime in the future at a Brighton community centre on immunity and childhood vaccinations, “aimed at parents and carers of small children, the decision-makers for children immunisation”.

She urged people not to fear vaccines: “Vaccine hesitancy is often associated with lack of information and our informal drop-in session will provide basic facts and fun-filled activities and games to improve public understanding.”

For more in Dr Terrazzini, take a look at her research profile

Laura Ruby • March 30, 2020

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