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My first day as a Biomedical Sciences student

The first day of university can be very scary, especially if it’s your first year. My first day as a biomedical sciences student was quite scary. University and college are very different so I didn’t really know what to expect but here are some tips which I hope will help you have a smooth experience.

  1. Get your lab coat as soon as possible. Sometimes they might need to order more so the earlier you get it, it will give you reassurance that you’ll have it for your first lab.
  2. Make sure you know where the PABS school office is, they’ll be able to answer most of your questions about the course and they’ll also be able to assist you with questions about exams.
  3. Make sure your know who the SSGT (Student Support and Guidance Tutor) for your course is. They’ll be able to assist you with anything that may come up through the year.
  4. If you need any learning support contact the support team as soon as possible because sometimes it can take a while for everything to be set up for you.
  5. Make sure you check your timetable regularly because it can be changed and you won’t know unless you’ve checked it.
  6. Make sure you know which labs you’re going to because sometimes you won’t be able to take your own lab coat so if you check it will stop you from carrying extra things to university.

Overall, have fun. Biomedical Sciences is a great course and everyone in the university is very friendly and always ready to help. I know it can be hard and scary to be new but we were all new one day! 🙂

Carla Lima Vaz Quaresma • October 11, 2019

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