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£600 donation to fight diabetes

University of Brighton researchers have received a £600 donation to continue researching ways to better monitor diabetes.

The cash, from Support 4 Diabetes, Mid Sussex, will support the latest in glucose monitoring technology using the University’s unique software and data interpretation systems.

Photo by Kate on Unsplash

The monitoring system, worn on a patient’s abdomen, can be used to build personal profiles based on an individual’s blood glucose levels and their metabolism.

Dr Wendy Macfarlane, Reader in Molecular Biology and Head of the Diabetes Research Group (DRG) at the University, said: “It can help reverse the effects of diabetes and allow users to build a personalised diet and fitness plan.”

She explained: “The GlycoTrain system and our software combine to allow patients to see their blood glucose levels at all times and help them understand the effects of different foods, exercises and activities on their blood glucose regulation, helping them to make the right choices for their individual metabolism.

“Everyone’s metabolism is unique and GlycoTrain helps us find the right diet, exercise and lifestyle choices for each individual patient. Type 2 diabetes is a reversible disease and if we can help high risk and newly diagnosed patients to change their lifestyle and their metabolism, then we can stop this disease in its tracks.

“Thanks to the support of amazing groups like Support4Diabetes, this project is now expanding and we are excited to be recruiting a new and much larger cohort of participants over the coming months.” You can find out more about the project, visit on the university website 

Stephanie Thomson • January 8, 2019

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