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Volunteering at Mankwe Game Reserve

This summer I was very fortunate to have a three-week amazing volunteering experience at Mankwe Game Reserve.  My experience while I was out there was packed with fun filled activities.

One of the first activities I participated in was burn management. This was done to improve grazing, so once a patch of land was burnt, fresh grass would grow for species within the reserve to colonise and graze in. Blocks around the reserve were burnt every 4 years.

My favourite thing I loved to do while I was at Mankwe was driving around with the volunteers and the Earth Watch group we were looking after. We were fortunate to see Kelly and her little baby Amarli. In the photo above I assisted the Earth Watch group conduct a rhino behaviour observation on the four rhino pictured (Jimbo, Jodie, Mac and Logan).

While volunteering at Mankwe we had a day off each week. The first day off the volunteers and myself made a trip to Pilansberg National Park where we saw: 98 Elephants, 17 Rhino, 18 Hippos and a pride of lions with cubs.  We also went to Sun City the next week after where we enjoyed a lovely lunch and relaxed by the pool all day!

On my last day we went to the Koppie, which is one of the highest points in Mankwe where we had snacks and watched the beautiful sunset and had Bri for dinner!

Grace Dovey • October 8, 2018

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