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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018

To mark International Women’s Day in 2018 we are celebrating the achievements of just some of the academics working here at Brighton.

Our Women of Impact web feature demonstrates how our academic staff are achieving great things, working on the complex challenges facing society, educating and inspiring the next generation and making an impact in communities. The varied and diverse career journeys illustrate the huge range of talent that we welcome at the University of Brighton.

From biosciences read these profiles

Dr Anja RottDr Anja Rott – Ecology and entomology
“I am fascinated by the diverse interactions we observe between insects, plants and the world they live in. My aim is to understand better what dynamics drive species interactions within a complex ecosystem.”


Dr Dawn ScottDr Dawn Scott – Supporting the Underdog
“I want to help people understand wildlife more so they can appreciate them and the benefits of living alongside them. I want my research to help find solutions to allow people and wildlife to coexist and through teaching and education I want to inspire people to strive for a future where we appreciate and protect wildlife.”

Dr Melanie FlintDr Melanie Flint – Cancer and Stress
Dr Flint is passionate about mentoring future breast cancer researchers leading a multidisciplinary team of post-doctoral scientists, PhD students and MSc students – all with the same goal – to establish a proven mechanistic link between psychological stress and cancer to improve patient outcome.

Dr Susan SandemanDr Susan Sandeman – Advancing Biomedical Technology
Dr Susan Sandeman is a biomaterials scientist whose research focuses on ways to better understand and optimise the interaction of materials with the cells and tissues of the body in order to provide corrective treatments.

Stephanie Thomson • March 8, 2018

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