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Anti-depressants could combat infections

Researchers here at the University of Brighton have found drugs used to treat mood disorders are also potentially active against bacteria which cause catheter infections. The discovery could lead to new methods of treating infections and could contribute to overcoming problems with antibiotic resistance.

Breakthrough in ageing research

University of Brighton scientists have helped discover a way of regenerating  ageing skin cells – with compounds based on those found in red wine, dark chocolate and red grapes. Laboratory experiments showed cells not only look physically younger but behave more like young cells and start dividing. Professor Richard Faragher, Professor of Biogerontology, and Dr…

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Should science help us live forever?

One of the UK’s leading experts on ageing is discussing whether science should help us live forever in a debate being streamed live around the world. Professor Richard Faragher, Professor of Biogerontology here at Brighton, rejects the idea that the objective of ageing research should be the indefinite extension of human life. He argues: “This…

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