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More field work

Today we asked our students to work as consultant for the National Trust at Sheffield park as part of the monitoring of previous river restoration work on the Ouse. Under the supervision of Dr Anja Rott &Dr Neil Crooks, our students set out to
survey the River Ouse  aquatic invertebrate and fish diversity. Using standard survey techniques, such as kick sampling, the diversity and water quality of the stretch of river was assessed. More than 700 individual invertebrates were accounted and a total of 24 taxonomic groups identified. This is quite impressive as most of the students were novice, but made up the lack of practice by their enthusiasm and motivation.

The second part of the survey aimed to survey the fish diversity within 3 stretches of the river. Using Electrofishing, students were able to work as a team and capture the different species present. Eel, chub, dace and minnow (to name but a few) were identified, measured and then released.

Another good day in the Field!


Maureen Berg • September 14, 2016

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