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Annual Staff Development Conference online 18th June 2020

We have moved the annual conference online.

BBS Staff Development Conference Teams Link

Planning group members, Asher Rospigliosi, Sue Greener, Paul Levy,, Chris Matthews, Marion Curdy, Nick Feather, Fiona Handley and Fiona Macneill


Programme for the conference, we will allocate participants to Hot topic groups so that you have an opportunity to work in smaller groups.

The conference  gives us an opportunity to consider planning for 2020/21 and how we need to think about continuing remote teaching but also take into the key considerations of:

  • Closing the degree awarding gap
  • Inclusivity of teaching materials
  • Innovative assessment design

The aim of the conference is to support the development for the “essentials” of our transition in BBS to implement a blended learning approach to the next academic year and beyond. The key concepts will be the balance between asynchronous and synchronous modes of delivery and the move from transferring to transforming our learning and teaching practices.

There will be a small amount of time together as a whole group for sharing updates on the essentials and any news going forward.

The day will interactive, working around your questions, problems and concerns. There will be breakout sessions to share key experience and knowledge that can help us all feel more confident and know where else to look for further development.

You can go to at least four hands-on workshops/sessions where you can learn specific, relevant, helpful new things to help you teach remotely or in a blended way.

The conference will be screen time-sensitive with the chance for a break and an invite for us all to go for a walk, get fresh air and maybe share pictures.

By the end of the conference, key questions and concerns will have been acknowledged, identified, some addressed and others collected to be reviewed further down the line. I hope that we all can feel less anxious and have a realistic and practical sense of what we need to do at a baseline to be able to teach this coming year.

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