Colleagues we have some exciting developments  following the installation of student card readers as shown below for all teaching rooms with a capacity of over 25.  Students will be able to test registering their attendance using their student card (including lectures) from 3rd Feb 2020.  No data is being collected yet, however will be shortly.

The Business School has been at the forefront of influencing university policy and we have been chosen as the pilot for this project, it will have a phased implementation over the coming months.



Timeline for phased introduction

From 3rd Febuary please ask students to tap on the card readers out side each room including lectures.

Please continue to use the  photoregisters for each seminar you teach. This will enable the system to be fully tested before we use the data, and still have attendance data available.


There will information displayed on the card readers with a QR code to more information Brighton Business School AM Pilot Details

It is hoped that the students will get used to using the system whilst it is being tested. It will be fully operational by the beginning of 20/21 academic year.


When it is fully operational we will be able to:

  • Display what is timetabled for that room
  • Intervene when a student has not been attending
  • Access data when rooms are used for extra curricula activities
  • Use a portable card reader for activities not in rooms e.g Mitras House Canteen
  • There will also be capacity for further marketing messages to be displayed (we hope to able to display NSS messages).

Please help us to make this be a success