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Subject groups and professional staff groups will be discussing  the opportunities for staff to contribute and participate with developing and enhancing our mission statement.

Please read the document below as background and guidance,  we are looking to identify distinctive words or phrases that convey our purpose, values, commitments, student outcomes and positioning with regard to business, the professions, and society more broadly around which mission and vision statements might be constructed and add as comments. 

The timeline for this would be the end of June

Mission and Vision review

Reading the critical accounts from the CDI  may also be useful, these are available on the  curriculum design workspace


  1. Julie Fowlie

    May 31, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    Enterprise, innovation, connectivity, developmental

  2. Rachael Carden

    June 1, 2018 at 8:19 am

    Dear Multi-disciplinary group
    This is the Blog area where we can share ideas about the new BBS Vision and Mission statement.
    Please post any ideas here rather than using email.

  3. Some thoughts…

    Vision: To be a professional business school, developing students for the next phase of their career, contributing to the local/national economy and producing world class research.

    To provide a learning experience that enables our students to realise their full potential

    To work in partnership with local/national organisations on mutually beneficial projects (e.g. employment, research and practical application of research)

    To develop world class research that enables discussion and enhances our understanding of business

    What we stand for: developing (less able) students for the workplace and/or Masters level study

    What we are good at:
    Pastoral care
    Supporting ‘less academically able’ students to achieve

  4. What do you think we should stand for?

    We should stand for innovation, creativity, originality and dynamism. We should reflect the creativity of the city within which we are situated, and we should reflect best business practice by repositioning ourselves in the ‘market’. We should have, as a business school, a unique selling point. This USB should be the energy, creativity and force that is the city of Brighton and Hove reflected in our practices.

    What do we not stand for?

    We should not stand for the same ways of teaching what ought to be an exciting and engaging range of subjects. We should not replicate every other business school, and we should not stand for academic snobbery or age old ways of delivering teaching.

    What should we value?

    We should value differences in perspectives, new ways of looking at things, innovation, creativity and fun in our teaching. We should also value a systematic and professional approach to marking, feedback, providing reading lists, supporting students etc. A balance of underpinning systems providing consistency and reliability with creativity, new thinking and experimentation in our teaching. The key here is ongoing evaluation of everything we do.

    What shouldn’t we value?

    While the student voice is important, we should balance carefully the importance of good student feedback with professional integrity. We will be respected by students when we adhere to high standards and demand these of our students. We will not be respected and are not being professional if we place little value on our expertise and far too much on the opinion of students. Balance is key.

    I firmly believe in the importance of using the arts to support our teaching and making the best use of the international conference we are hosting in September (AoMO) as a springboard to a new future. While it is important and extremely valuable to seek accreditation it is also critical for us to have the confidence to be ‘different’. Bled business school is mentioned by the AACSB as best practice in terms of putting art at the heart of business education. Why don’t we? We are hosting the same conference that was hosted in Bled in 2016!

  5. In my view, there are many elements that comprise a successful business school and which may lead to the development of successful graduates who are equipped to contribute to, and develop in, the wider society.

    Whilst we have a strong vocational orientation there is an inherent danger that in pursuit of graduate employability we become more of a tertiary college than in university school. Therefore whilst it is entirely appropriate for us to provide vocational education this must include the sort of critical and creative elements which distinguishes higher education from more prescriptive training programmes.

  6. Rachael Carden

    June 6, 2018 at 10:24 am

    Mission: Who we are and what we do:
    1. Add significant value (using Law SG ideas) to the students’ academic and employability experiences
    2. Actively engage with local and national businesses
    3. Provide quality business education in a dynamic and exciting location
    4. Produce and disseminate quality research
    5. Very clear focus on practical wisdom on all courses
    5. Innovate in terms of teaching delivery and research
    1. To become a world-class Business School
    2. To build on our strengths especially teaching and research
    3. To continue to innovate
    4. To enhance employability through our local/national contacts
    5. To continue to be inclusive (and increase access to Business Education for all)

  7. Graham Perrin

    June 6, 2018 at 10:42 am

    At a School staff meeting a few months ago – one of the last with Aidan, if I recall correctly – there was talk of corporate social responsibility. Plus ethics, of course, but I recall _more_ of the talk being around corporate social responsibility.

    Food for thought?

    For what it’s worth: neither corporate social responsibility, nor CSR, is mentioned in the University strategy document (University Strategy 2016-2021.pdf on staffcentral). Also I can’t see it on the ‘practical wisdom’ flyer.


    • Really important point Graham, there is lots to indicate that our students value the emphasis we place on social responsibility, justice and inclusion and these are great things for the Business School to promote. asher

  8. Véronique Boulocher

    June 14, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    What makes BBS distinctive, according to me, and from a comparative perspective with the many business schools that I know of in France and that have been fully accredited for some time, is:
    – we train future managers to become engaged in society at large
    – we shape future managers to develop critical thinking and be agile
    – we support very well ‘average’ (less able?) students in their development for being open-minded, adaptable and responsible in the workplace
    and something really important and I really find an asset:
    – we offer to very diverse students some ‘qualitative’ valuable feedback via individualised personalised tutoring time, that a lot of other business schools have dropped/forgotten in their route towards a quantitative business model.

    • I really like the comparative distinctions you highlight. I think we offer a friendly, supportive environment, but do not have your experience to draw comparison.

  9. Enhacing our graduates employability is a key value. Examples (with and operations and systems perspective) include:
    The use of SAP by our undergraduates gives them an unusual yet highly valued exposure to the industry standard software.
    The integrative business project and the problem based learning modules lead on developing practical wisdom in BBS.
    Our topical research in our teaching in areas such as supplier development and quality performance, supply chain bullwhip and green supply chains.
    We often have industry speakers visit such as Jellyfish running a digital marketing workshop, or the CEO of Wriggle talking through what makes a great app.

  10. Julie Fowlie

    June 27, 2018 at 11:00 am

    making a difference – inspire, effect change, stimulate, spark, instigate excite

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