Starting to think about resources for next years teaching?

Linkedin Learning is an online library of high quality video training courses covering anything from photography to programming and business skills.

The university’s premium account gives you access to over 150,000 tutorials written by industry experts with more added every week.

Mobile apps allow students and you to learn at any time and any place

Staff Information

Student Information service moved to the new LinkedIn Learning platform.

It is possible to share LinkedIn Learning (previously resources via Readinglists@Brighton

The University’s  access to has been transferred to LinkedIn Learning and all user accounts were copied across. If you previously linked to videos from  email or studentcentral or ReadingLists@Brighton  then these links will continue to work for one year. But if you created and shared playlists, links to these may now be broken – see below

Please note there are some differences to the way we can share resources with students and colleagues:

  • You must be set-up as an administrator in order to share/recommend resources to others
  • LinkedIn Learning allows you to share/ recommend:
    • Individual videos
    • Collections- collection of resources on one topic  (can be personal or shareable)
    • Learning Paths- collection of resources which have to be watched in a particular order
  • Many playlists from have been copied into personal collections on LinkedIn Learning but they can only be seen by their owners – this is why some links to old playlists are broken. These personal collections have to be rebuilt as sharable collections.
  • If you would like to become an administrator in order to be able to share resources, please email ISWORKSHOPS  or complete this request form.

Once you have been given administrator access videos, collections and learning paths from LinkedIn Learning can be shared with your students using ReadingLists@Brighton and instructions and a short video can be found on our ReadingLists@Brighton support pages.

Top tips:

  • Create a separate section within your reading list for these resources
  • Ask library staff how to embed sections of the reading list within Study Materials folders so students have seamless access to all the text and audio-visual resources for that particular theme/week.
  • better searching,
  • ‘collections’ which are like playlists but you can add your own additional resources to them, egg PDF files and your own videos.
  • The ability to ‘Like’ videos