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SQE pilot scheme

Get your students involved in our SQE pilot scheme


Following our email yesterday, we wanted to let you know recruitment for the Solicitors Qualification Examination (SQE) pilot scheme is now open.


Our assessment organisation, Kaplan will be running pilots next year to test the effectiveness of the assessment. The Stage 1 pilot will run over two and half days on 20-22 March 2019. Candidates need to attend for the whole period. It will be run at Pearson VUE test centres across the UK and, subject to availability, internationally.


We are looking for candidates who as far as possible are representative of those who will sit the SQE. In terms of prior education and experience, this means, for the March 2019 pilot, that candidates should either:


  • have completed Stage 1 (the compulsory stage) of the Legal Practice Course (LPC)
  • have completed a period of study and/or work experience equivalent to Stage 1 (the compulsory stage) of the LPC
  • be a qualified lawyer in a recognised jurisdiction eligible to qualify via the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme
  • be a barrister of England and Wales.

Could you please encourage any such students or graduates to apply. Further detail, including selection criteria and incentives, are available on our website.


Career in Law


Don’t forget, to help students and aspiring solicitors make informed decisions about their career, we launched Career in Law on Facebook. This offers much up-to-date information on the SQE and current routes to qualifying.


Aimed at 16-25 year olds, this has been developed alongside young people and is designed for people to ‘follow’ and then regularly receive updates.


Please share a link to Career in Law ( with any students or aspiring solicitors who would find the content useful.


Contact us


To help us make sure your organisation is kept as up-to-date as possible, we will continue to send any information directly to you. If there are any additional or alternative contacts, please let us know their name and contact details.


You can find more on the SQE on our website.

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Lucy Jones • 12/11/2018

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