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Pupillage Deadlines: LawCareers.Net

Information regarding pupillage deadlines collated by LawCareers.Net is a great way to organise your time, and find the best pupillage that is suited to you as you can click on the link to find out more information. The page is detailed and helpful, so if you are interested in pupillage, get researching! Link here.

“The pupillage deadline page is designed to provide a list of which chambers have which deadlines. The best way for you to collate those deadlines that are of interest is to save the chambers to your MyLCN account, where the related deadlines will be automatically added to your personal MyCalendar. Just click ‘Add to MyLCN’ on the chambers’ directory page.

Please note – you apply for many pupillages through the Pupillage Gateway. Most chambers (or ‘Pupillage Training Organisations’) are members of the centralised gateway system, but some are not. Members will all have the SAME deadline. Available pupillages at both types of chambers are listed on the system, but non-members will have varying deadlines and methods of application, and you will have to check their individual websites for details.” – LawCareers.Net.

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Abigail Gillett • 30/01/2018

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