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Client Interviewing Training Day – 2018

The Client Interviewing Training Day provides students with amazing advice and tips on how to tackle this competition at the National Level. The skills that students learned were not only beneficial in a competitive capacity but will be useful in applications and interviews in our careers.

The day incorporated a mix of workshop style groups and panel Question & Answer sessions. We were split into small groups, with each pair having the opportunity to perform a client interview on a different contract law issue. We all received general feedback from two guidance tutors and other students, who gave us great tips on how to improve our client interviewing skills. They emphasised the importance of small details, for example the seating orientation of a client and first impressions and the outcome this has on a meeting.

It was very useful to gain objective insight from solicitors and academics who have been involved in the national competition for many years. They were able to be critical and pick up on minute details, which we didn’t notice we were doing, for example using clicking pens to write. The clients were especially briefed to throw us off our game during the interview and in doing so, much like real interviews, we had to be able to think on our feet and give the most practical, applicable advice.

‘My favourite part would have to be the informational seminar hosted by Aruna Verma Solicitor and Lecturer at the University of Law. She provided key tips on how to explain to the client the law without overwhelming them in the process and the importance of simplifying legal concepts. She also demonstrated how to avoid using extensive legal jargon when dealing with a client. I am very grateful to Jeanette Ashton and the University of Brighton for providing me with this amazing opportunity.’ – Nimrah Naseem (Final Year LLB Law with Criminology Student).

Picture – Participants at the Internal Client Interview Competition held at Brighton University

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Abigail Gillett • 30/01/2018

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