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What is blogging?

  • A discussion or informational website. It can contain anything from personal entries to contemporary issues.

Benefits of blogging:

  • Wider audience, potentially global. You can gain recognition this way, and any potential employer may be reading your work.
  • Write about topics that interest you, and are contemporary. You can write about your own opinion, and also explore new perspectives.
  • Develop your writing skills, and explore new writing styles and multiple media formats.
  • You can create your own digital portfolio – potential businesses can access this material and see your interests and knowledge of commercial awareness.

Tips for blogging:

  • Be yourself – write about your interests, and the post will be authentic and easy for you to write about.
  • Write for yourself first and foremost – ignore the fact that anyone else can read your work, and just focus on your own thoughts and opinions to being with.
  • Once you have a specific topic or issue in mind, do some further research (articles, books, videos/podcasts, judgments – anything relevant) and ask other people for their opinions. You can then use this information to create a discussion within your post.
  • Be short – a post does not have to be an essay! If it is too long, people will not be interested in reading your post.
  • Write a catchy headline – something that will stand out. Simple, powerful, useful and bold.
  • If you create your own blog, give it time for people to become interested and comment upon your work. It takes time to build an audience, but stick with it and consistently blog.

Finding legal blogs:

Or simply try Google!


Good luck!

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Abigail Gillett • 28/09/2017

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