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Remembering Srebrenica: 10th May

The University of Brighton Business School, in collaboration with Remembering Srebrenica, are hosting a panel discussion to commemorate the genocide that occurred during the Bosnian/Serbian war.

When: Wednesday 10th May – 14:00
Where: Mithras, M218

“On 6th April 1993, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 819, declaring that Srebrenica and a 30 square mile area around the town was a United Nations Safe Area. The UN promised the people of Srebrenica safety and security. Their promises fell through as genocide began.”

The subsequent massacre resulted in over (known) 8,000 deaths, most of whom were boys and men who were forcibly separated. There were also tens of thousands of cases of rape and abuse on women, children, and the elderly. Over ten years after the genocide, mass graves were still being discovered.

Speakers at the event will include:

Amra Mujkanovic, Remembering Srebrenica

Dr Christalla Yakinthou, The University of Birmingham

Melina Sadikovic, The University of Brighton

Dr Susan Power, Griffith College, Cork and Dublin

Attendance is free, but as numbers are limited registration is required. You can register for this event at here.

Informal inquiries can be directed to the event organisers:
Dr Claire-Michelle Smyth (
Dr Richard Lang (

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Carmen Bonal-Romero • 26/04/2017

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