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Media Law & Business Affairs Diploma Opportunity

Launched in London in 2014, the Media Law & Business Affairs Diploma is now in its fourth year!

This Diploma covers the areas of law that are encountered by lawyers working in an entertainment and media department within a large law firm, in private practice or in house within a media/entertainment company – Giving the attendee a solid grounding in the business and legal aspects of the media industry.

The course is delivered by a team of specialist solicitors, barristers and business advisers, who each have many years’ experience in the relevant law and business sectors covered.

It will cover the following modules:

Copyright law… Music Law and Business… Defamation… Media Litigation… Books & Magazines… Digital Media and Digital Rights… Trade Marks… Social Media… Film & Television and Competition Law.

The course also includes a one week internship at New Media Law LLP – Taken at a convenient time after the diploma.

Where: University of Westminster, New Cavendish Campus
:  Monday 12th June 2017– Friday 23rd June 2017
Times: 10am – 4pm each day

Price: £2,000.00
This includes a £1,000 deposit to secure your place, and a £1,000 payment to be made before June 2017

*LLB, GDL, LPC, LLM and BPTC students can apply. 

Please visit for further information on each individual lawyer. Past student reviews can be found at

If you would like to apply, please email Elliot at, stating your name, university, course of study, telephone, email address, and ask for an application form.

Good luck on your application!

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Carmen Bonal-Romero • 16/03/2017

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