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Brighton Law Society Great Legal Bake: 21st February

Ever heard of the Great Legal Bake? Well it’s that time of year when all the lawyers in the land decide to give their baking skills a test in the name of charity!

All the funds raised from these bake sales, including those gathered by our very own law society, will all go to support various advice agencies and charities through the Access to Justice Foundation.

You will be able to find them outside the Student Union reception in Cockroft, from 11am-2pm on Tuesday the 21st of February.

So what better way to do your part then gorge yourself on some delicious treats? What better reason is there to eat cake than for supporting charity? Exactly. There is no better reason!

And if that still hasn’t got you, here is a two minute montage of cake. You’re welcome.

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Carmen Bonal-Romero • 17/02/2017

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