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Free Enterprise Skills Events: February-March

If you’re a law student wanting to understand and develop business skills, get yourself along to one of these great sessions run by the fantastic Bee Purple team (the enterprise section of the Brighton Uni Careers Service).

Law is just as much a business as anything else, where these skills are equally as valued and utilised in the legal sector – so developing these skills now will put you well ahead of your competition!

To support your development Bee Purple have a number of upcoming events running in the spring term, free and open to all:

Weds 15th Feb – ‘Marketing on a Shoestring’, Mithras, G5

Weds 22nd Feb – ‘Growing Your Network’, Mithras, G5

Weds 8th March – ‘Building Your Online Presence’, Mithras, G4

Weds 15th March – ‘Protecting You and Your Ideas’, Mithras, G5

Weds 22nd March – ‘Getting Your First Sales’, Mithras, G4

To find out more about Bee Purple click click here

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter

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Carmen Bonal-Romero • 13/02/2017

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