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The Annual Law Careers Question Time: 28th February

Don’t miss this year’s BBS Law Careers Question Time!

Similar to BBC’s Question Time, panel members will answer a range of questions from the audience – you! This is always a popular event, and is targeted at Law undergraduates, CPE students, and those interested in a career in the legal sector. Everyone is invited to submit questions in advance so that we can share them with the panel.

Confirmed panel members include a barrister, solicitors, paralegals, trainee solicitors, recruitment managers, and BBS alumni.

Having attended this event in my first and second year I can tell you that this is a great opportunity to get some really honest career advice. It is very interesting hearing about the panellists’s own personal experiences in the legal sector, and how learning from both mistakes and success have shaped their careers.

Another benefit is that a number of Brighton alumni will be in attendance, and so it is also an opportunity to see where previous students have gone after graduation.

Where: Mithras House, M218
When: Tuesday 28th February, 17:30 – 19:30
*This will be followed by a networking event until 20:30

Bios of the panellists can now be read on the blog so students can get to know a bit about their background, experiences, and areas of work.

If you would like to submit a question for the panellists, please email it to Carolyn Lewis at 

Questions can be aimed at the whole panel, or focused at specific members, but you will probably have a better idea of what you would like to ask once the bios have been released!

After the questions have finished, there will be a session next door for the panellists, students and staff to network. This is a great opportunity to discuss any questions you had in further depth, ask anything you forgot to mention, or even ask about work experience opportunities at their firm!

Here is a great article on networking skills for law students, including the do’s and don’ts!

More updates will be provided very soon.

I hope to see you there!


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Carmen Bonal-Romero • 07/02/2017

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