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The Student Lawyer: All The Help You Need To Persue A Career In Law

First year, second year, third year? Do you want to hear about careers advice? Extra-curricular activities? Law Fairs? Pro bono work?

The Student Lawyer is a student-led website which provides invaluable study and careers advice, as well as updates on developments in the legal world, to those pursuing a career in Law – And they want as many student as possible to benefit from their content!

The Student Lawyer provide opportunities such as:

  • Valuable experience working as part of their team of Campus Ambassadors
  • Students can gain research and analytical skills by writing content to be published their website
  • And they also promote topical issues in the legal world
  • And don’t forget to read their their ‘top tips for studying and making applications, and raising commercial awareness’

To see all that The Student Lawyer has to offer, please follow their link:

If you have any questions about their services or would like any further information they would love to hear from you:

By Phone:  020 3538 9050
By E-mail:

Don’t miss out!

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Carmen Bonal-Romero • 06/10/2016

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