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Reflections on the first month of studying law as a post-graduate student at the University of Brighton

I came across the CPE at Brighton earlier on this year, looking for a course that would suit me and my current lifestyle and allow me to study a subject in which  I would have great future career prospects. I have been working in Senior Management within Social Sciences for over ten years and was always interested in Law but assumed that I had to go back to doing an undergraduate degree and start from scratch to become a Lawyer. So  when I came across the CPE at Brighton that offered a career reconversion and  the option to study part-time , I thought it was the perfect course for me.   I am an alumni from the University of Brighton (2002) where I loved every minute of my studies mainly due to the support we received as student and the approachability of its staff and choosing the University as my course provider for the next two years was a no brainer!
I started the CPE course one month ago exactly and I have no regrets so far. The lecturers bring in their experiences as (former) practitioners which gives you an insight of the ‘real-world’ of lawyers. They also deliver their lessons in a relaxed manner and all have a very user-friendly approach that minimises the daunting task that learning Law may represent at times. My fellow students are all professionals who share similarly busy lives and bring different experiences to the table which makes this experience even richer.
Administrative staff have also been exceptionally efficient  and the web of support provided by BBS is great. We already have had the opportunity to sign up for extra curriculum activities to develop our CV and portfolio within the sector and there are regular sessions and talks provided outside lecturing hours. All in all, I have just found myself looking forward to my lecturing days a lot more than expected and I have great expectations from this course!
by Auréliane Walker
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Jeanette Ashton • 28/10/2015

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