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I am so glad that I got involved in the negotiation competition. The supportive and encouraging way in which the group was run really helped me to feel confident going into the actual negotiation sessions. The practice workshops covered the basic principles behind negotiation, however the emphasis was firmly placed on putting these into practice using different negotiation scenarios. We had the opportunity to hear from students who went on to compete in the regional competition last year, who were kind enough to give us lots of useful tips based on their experience, and advice about how to approach (and how not to approach!) our own negotiations. We also got lots of feedback during the practice sessions, and watched some clips of mock negotiations taking place; all of which helped us to improve on and widen our own methods and skills as the weeks went on. It has been a really worthwhile experience and I feel I have gained invaluable insight into the increasingly important commercial field of Alternative Dispute Resolution from being involved. It’s also great that the university has built up strong links with such well-regarded law firms as DMH Stallard and McMillan Williams, and that these firms are keen to support Brighton University students. I’m really excited about the work experience I gained with DMH Stallard as a result of taking part, which will be a huge benefit when I start applying for jobs after the course.

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Jeanette Ashton • 13/12/2014

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