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Life after University – Callum Kirk, 2014 Law with Business graduate

After finishing my exams, I began my current position as a conveyancing paralegal at McMillan Williams Solicitors in Hove. McMillan Williams Solicitors is one of the largest firms in the south east of England and they offer a variety of different areas of legal expertise. I was lucky enough to obtain this position during my time at the University of Brighton.

I opted to throw myself into the deep end, as I have not done my Legal Practitioner Course and began my position straight after finishing my exams. This seemed to be the only viable option due to the competitive nature of the current job market in the legal sector.  Initially it was very difficult, but after a while I have integrated myself into the practical side of law, which is very different from my academic studies at Brighton! But the academic understanding of different areas of law learnt during my time at the University of Brighton is fundamental to the application of the law.

Coming from being a student to a full time position in a law firm is quite a contrast and takes time to adapt, especially now that I am studying the Legal Practitioner Course and having to go up to Guildford every few weekends- time management is key.

The University of Brighton created a platform for me to achieve my goal of attaining a job in the legal sector. Encouragement from lecturers to involve yourself in extracurricular activities is something that should not be ignored.

Speaking from personal experience, for each year of my academic studies I competed in mooting competitions and this ranged from the internal mooting competition to the Oxford University Press mooting competition.  Being involved in events such as dining at Lincolns Inn is an experience that really isn’t to be missed as you will never experience anything like it unless you end up studying at the Bar.

If you really want to succeed and get a job with a law firm then you have to push yourself that bit harder and be willing to commit your time for free to build up your experience. I worked when I could for a local law firm in Brighton doing a range of different areas of law for two years and I also did a mini- pupillage at Eastbourne Chambers.

Another former student, George Stead, and myself are helping out in a mooting workshop which is going to be run on the following dates between 5-7pm at the University of Brighton:

Thursday 16 October
Thursday 23 October
Thursday 30 October

This will be beneficial as if you are interested in mooting it gives you some practice and confidence, but is also worthwhile for furthering your understanding of different areas of law and is a good way of meeting new people especially if you are a first year and want to speak to 2nd and 3rd year students.


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Natalie Golding • 07/10/2014

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  1. Alison Bone 07/10/2014 - 6:00 pm Reply

    Thanks for the mooting workshops plug!

  2. jeanette ashton 07/10/2014 - 6:15 pm Reply

    Really interesting to hear all about life after the LLB, thanks Callum.

  3. Sam 09/05/2024 - 2:44 pm Reply

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