Learning and Teaching 2016

First Ever Business School Learning and Teaching Conference 8th July 2016

This year we held the inaugural Brighton Business School Learning and Teaching Conference and the atmosphere couldn’t have been better.

It was welcomed as an opportunity for our colleagues to share their knowledge, research, ideas and achievements.

The day was opened by a speech from the Director of the Business School, Aidan Berry, titled “Open for business, open to business” which highlighted the upcoming plans and design for the new Business School set to open in 2019. This was followed by the key note speech “Changing landscapes – Observations on the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), assessment and feedback practices & professionalism” by Sid Hayes, Director of Education, School of Social Sciences.

 Both of these will be available to watch on the blog soon.

And there was the launch of the Brighton Business School Teaching Excellence Award 2017 with a £1000 prize for the winner.

There is now a date set for next year’s Brighton Business School Learning and Teaching Conference 2017:

 7th JULY 2017

If all staff could complete this short questionnaire about the event even if they were unable to attend this year

Some of the topics from this year’s Learning and Teaching Conference:

  • Student volunteering and community engagement for learning in BBS by Jeanette Aston
  • Stuart Bullen with help from marketing has created student connector a really simple way to find all about the support Brighton offers to Students- Student Support Pressure Points
  • Lucy Jones encouraged us to use oral feedback and shared her successes
  • If you were not sure about the value of self-assessment check out Clare Millington’s fantastic Pinterest board
  • Check out Tove Sorensen Bentham and Rachael Carden’s exploration All about Feedback drawing on both undergraduate and postgraduate experiences
  • Sue Greener shared her understanding and experiences of problem based learning and Qualtrics, the fantastic on-line survey tool
  • There were sessions on student engagement with David Foster focusing on Active learning, Simon Collie sharing his thoughts on Student Preperation and Dan Bennett with his take on the TED Talks Approach to Lectures
  • Plus so much more including: • Working with Hastings Direct • Developing quizzes • Using iPad for marking • On-line university preparation for new students • Using diagnostics to support students • Academic misconduct • Learning support plans • Current trends in HE pedagogy • Social media in teaching • Communicating with students • Academics and administrators working together • Placement supervision •

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