Did you know about Computer Clinics?

You can bring your personal computer to a computer clinic for help and advice with the following types of problem:
  • Fault diagnosis: an initial diagnosis of the problem and a discussion with the user regarding the issues & possible ways forward for getting it fixed. This may involve a further visit to a student clinic or a referral to an approved, but not recommended,  external support company.
  • System configuration: e.g. setting up your operating system & some applications to be used on the University network or maybe even some basic hardware installations.
  • Security assistance: this may include installing, configuring or running of anti-virus software and maybe anti-spyware or anti-malware software if needed.

These sessions are available on Tuesdays between 5-9pm at the Help Desk in Aldrich Library or Thursdays between 5-8pm in Cockcroft 105.

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