Book your table for the ball

Once you and your friends have their ball tickets, you can book a table for yourself and others from 2-10 people. Bookings will be combined to make tables of 10.

Please use the form below.  One of your  group needs to:

  1. Give us your contact details
  2. Create a ‘name’ for your table
  3. Enter the full name of each person on your table (max 10 people per table)
Table Organising/booking

Table Organising/booking

To ensure that you sit with the people you want to please use the form below to reserve your table. NOTE: tables are limited to 10 people so when you complete the form there is a maximum nuber of seats per table of 10.

List the people you want to add to your table. NOTE, the first field below is where you add your name

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