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Celebrating the success of our SCDTP-funded PhD students

In October 2023, the School of Business and Law welcomed an exceptional cohort of four South Coast Doctoral Training Partnership (SCDTP)-funded PhD students: Niamh Burns, Kezia Pugh, Sadie Rockcliffe, and Barbara Sherriff.

The University of Brighton is part of a Doctoral Training Partnership that includes Southampton, and Portsmouth.

SCDTP funding is the only way for PhD students to receive fully funded Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) scholarships, is a prestigious recognition, covering fees, living expenses, and providing additional financial support for various academic activities.

This year, the School of Business and Law has reason to celebrate as it secured half of the eight SCDTP scholarships obtained by UoB out of a total of 41 scholarships across all three universities (Brighton, Portsmouth and Southampton).

Our successful students

Sadie, who has an MSc in International Tourism Management from us, embarks on a PhD entitled ‘Sensory Inequalities and Access to Blue Space.’ Sadie shares her excitement:

“Winning the SCDTP award has been one of the greatest opportunities of my life. Having left my career of twenty years, and being a mother of three children, the award has enabled me to pursue a PhD as a fully funded student without the immediate financial concerns. The additional training opportunities, internship schemes, and possibilities to present both nationally and internationally are also incredible. My PhD was a pre-designed project, focusing on ‘Sensory Inequalities and Access to Blue Space.’ I’m very excited to begin the research and add a contribution to knowledge within a much-needed area of study!”

Barbara (Boo), who graduated with an MSc in Personnel and Development from us in 2012, explores the role of employers in mitigating mental ill health in young people with the PhD title: ‘The employer’s role in mitigating mental ill health in young people: Harnessing the employee voice of South Coast university students to better support performance and wellbeing at work, at university, and beyond.’ Boo expresses gratitude for the SCDTP support:

“The SCDTP funding and training make my research journey not only possible but also more achievable, and the backing of the SCDTP has given me confidence in my big ideas. My supervisors (Brighton and Southampton) span different departments, including business and health, and have complimentary skills and expertise creating invaluable perspectives on my multi-disciplinary research. I feel like I have a support network behind me which will ensure I produce useful research which can make things better for others, and I am massively grateful for the opportunity I have been given!”

Niamh delves into the sensitive area of sexual and gender-based violence in the Northern Irish conflict with the title: ‘The invisibility of sexual, and gender-based violence in the Northern Irish conflict (between 1968 and 1998) and the impact of shedding light on this phenomenon on social policy and policy processes’.  Niamh reflects on the transformative opportunity the SCDTP award has provided:

“Winning the SCDTP award has been an amazing opportunity, it has helped me to carry out research in an area that I am so passionate about. It has also given me the opportunity to develop my confidence, not only as a researcher but as a person and has provided so many new experiences for me. This award has definitely changed my life and has helped me to be where I want to be.”

Kezia investigates the role of employee ethnicity as a risk factor for exploitative labour practices in the UK adult social care industry with the title: ‘The role of employee ethnicity as a risk factor for exploitative labour practices in the UK adult social care industry: a focus on London and the South-East’. Kezia shares her excitement about being part of the SCDTP programme:

“I am delighted to be starting my PhD as part of the SCDTP programme. Since my Masters study, I have had 4 years working in the charity sector, but remained very passionate about returning to academia to complete a PhD. When I saw the opportunity for a fully funded SCDTP studentship and read about the research priority areas I felt it was a perfect fit for me. I was excited by the prospect of having a supervisory team across multiple universities and having access to the wider student network. ”

In congratulating Sadie, Boo, Kezia, and Niamh, we look forward to witnessing their progress and contributions in these exciting and topical areas of research. Their success not only enriches the academic community but also promises significant contributions to addressing real-world challenges.

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Neal Edwards • December 12, 2023

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