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Arjeam and Jessica, Student Engagement Partners

Meet our Student Engagement Partners

Meet our Student Engagement Partners Jessica and Arjeam. These are the new faces you’ll be seeing lots around Elm House, home to the School of Business and Law.

Jessica is a second-year Business Management with Marketing BSc student, and Arjeam is a second-year Business Management with Economics BSc student.

We caught up with Jessica and Arjeam for a Q&A to find out a bit more about them, their roles and their advice for our students.

Why did you want to become a Student Engagement Partner for the School of Business and Law?

Jessica: “I thought this role was a perfect match for my personality [as] I love to communicate and have an impact on my colleagues’ journey at university. This role will enhance my employability skills. I am extremely interested in creating ‘things’ such as content, events, moments, and anything related to creating and thinking about a plan.”

Arjeam: “I wanted to become a Student Engagement Partner because I wanted to continually enhance my skills, aiming to both exemplify and support other students in finding fulfilment and creating a vibrant academic journey.”

Why did you choose to study at Brighton? 

Jessica: “The course had interesting modules, it’s close to home and easy to commute everyday as I’m a mature student.”

Arjeam: “I chose to study at Brighton because of its diversity, inclusivity, and vibrant atmosphere, especially during the summer. And the cherry on top? The beach!”

What are your top tips for getting settled in to student life in the first term? 

Jessica’s tips are:
  • Organise your time
  • Make sure to read roadmaps of each module (you can find these in the module info on My Studies)
  • Ask for help! There are lots of services in the university that can turn our ‘storms’ in to a drop of water
  • If you’re an international student bring something with you from your bedroom to help make your new place feel like home

And Arjeam’s tips?

  • Get ahead of tasks and assignments and avoid last-minute work
  • Give yourself time to reflect and organise your week
  • Reward yourself for your hard work and achievements, may they be minor or significant
  • Break the ice! Talk to the person next to you and engage in activities

Tell me about some of your favourite events/societies to get involved with.

Jessica: “I have launched the Parent, Carer & Mature Student Group for people to connect if they are either students with children or caring responsibilities, or mature students. This is a place we can connect with each other and feel belonging. It’s amazing how bringing people together with the same routines and habits can make a difference to their study journey.

“The creative writing is another society I would highly recommend to join – they are very good and committed to their work, and plan lots of activities/meet-ups throughout the year. Give it a go!”

Arjeam: “During freshers’ week last year, the Brighton Students’ Union and multiple societies hosted numerous events. My personal favourite was skating at the Royal Pavilion and enjoying a nice cup of Baileys hot chocolate there.”

What one piece of advice would you give to a new student? 

Jessica: “To always ask for help when needed. Not every day we are happy and not every week is easy, so to have someone to talk to is a must. Believe in yourself and trust that people want to help you.”

Arjeam: “Balancing your academic commitments is crucial but remember to take breaks and forge connections as you progress. Embrace opportunities and relish your years at the university because they will swiftly slip away!”

Jessica, Rodrigo and Arjeam

Student Engagement Partners with our Student Engagement Lead, Rodrigo

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Zoe Cassell • November 16, 2023

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