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Documentary: Stories of migrant women of Brighton & Hove

A short documentary based on research by our very own Dr Eugenia Markova celebrates the incredible stories of migrant women living in Brighton & Hove.

The documentary was made by Azita Ghassemi, based on a research by Dr Eugenia Markova, course leader on our Business Management with Finance BSc and Business Management with Economics BSc degrees.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been particularly challenging for everyone, especially those living far away from family and friends in their adopted country.

One of the most inspiring things about the stories of migrant women in Brighton & Hove is their resilience. Many have had to navigate complex immigration systems, language barriers, and cultural differences, but they have persevered and found ways to thrive in their new communities.

The research

This project is a collaboration with the Network for International Women of Brighton and Hove, and it draws on a qualitative study that Dr Eugenia Markova conducted from October 2020 to January 2021.

Dr Eugenia Markova conducted 21 semi-structured interviews with women from diverse backgrounds, capturing their unique perspectives on the pandemic and how it has affected their lives.

About the women

As we delve into the stories of migrant women in Brighton & Hove, it’s important to acknowledge the diversity and complexity of their experiences.

The women featured in the documentary span a wide range of ages, from 22 to 66-years-old. They have a variety of family structures – nine are married with children, five are single mothers, six are cohabiting/married without children, and one woman is single and childless.

Four of the women have never held paid employment in the UK, while four work as key workers in the local hospital.

These diverse backgrounds and experiences demonstrate the unique challenges and strengths that each woman brings to her journey as a migrant in Brighton & Hove.

Despite facing numerous challenges such as language barriers, cultural differences, and discrimination, their determination to succeed and provide a better life for themselves and their families is inspiring.

Common themes

One common theme that emerged was the sense of “captivity” that many felt during the pandemic, unable to travel back home but forced to rely on technology for communication with loved ones.

For some, this was a frustrating experience, as they struggled with the language barrier and the demands of homeschooling their children.

Others found joy in the opportunity to help those in need within their community, providing support and comfort to the vulnerable.

Despite the challenges, these women have shown remarkable courage and perseverance, and their stories serve as an inspiration to us all.

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Zoe Cassell • May 17, 2023

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