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Module insight: Marketing Principles

Our core marketing module – Marketing Principles – is delivered across a range of level four courses in the first semester. The module provides learners with a broad knowledge and understanding of the roles and functions of marketing.

Learners’ knowledge is tested by a range of assessment methods including a multiple-choice question exam paper and the preparation of a group marketing plan. They learn how to use and apply qualitative and quantitative tools, as well as different marketing theories and models to analyse the marketing environment. Using this insight, learners make recommendations to organisations for further improvement of their marketing activities.

Employability: Preparing learners for practice

Using real-world examples of companies helps learners to underpin and apply their knowledge of marketing concepts and theories. It also helps with understanding the connection between business education and business practice.

Societal impact: Business as a force for good

One of the tasks in this module is to prepare a company marketing plan, and provide solutions/recommendations for future actions and further improvement.

One of the recommendations must be related to ethical practice, the UN sustainable development goals, corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainability.


The module embraces an inclusive teaching and learning approach, as learners are able to work on a company of their choice during tutor led workshops. They are invited to share their understanding with each other and engage in respectful discussions.

Additionally, learners’ developing knowledge is assessed continuously using various tools including Kahoot quizzes, presentations, company case studies and company visit/observational research.

Teaching materials are covered with respect to and awareness of the diversity of learner background and experiences eg international, mature, religious, cultural and minority ethnic groups.

Learner success

Some comments from learners in the module evaluation report 2022/23 include:

“I really enjoy this module – marketing is very interesting and it’s presented well in the workshops, especially with the group work we carry out.”

“Kahoot games help us learn by making mistakes. Dynamic lessons with asking us questions aid our understanding of the subject, and we are able to undertake case studies to apply what we have learnt.”

“I like how the module focuses on group work most of the time eg completing activities in groups rather than individually.”

“The student involvement is definitely a positive in class. Many of them provide an awesome experience and it’s fun to be able to plan certain things, and properly immerse yourself in the mindset that a business would take when assessing problems and figuring out solutions.”

“All content is easily accessible and understandable.”

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This Marketing Principles module meets the following UN global goals:

  • Quality education – standard four
  • Decent work and economic growth – standard eight
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure – standard nine
  • Responsible consumption and production – standard 12

UN global goal: quality education - standard 4 UN global goals: decent work and economic growth - standard 8 UN sustainable development goals: Industry, innovation and infrastructure - standard nine UN global goals: responsible consumption and production - standard 12

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Zoe Cassell • April 19, 2023

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