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Module insight: International Law and Socio-Economic Development

Our International Law and Socio-Economic Development module (DB662) is delivered across a number of courses. The module allows leaners to consider the relationship between international law and development, and how the interplay shapes the practice of each.

By examining the expansion of international regulation of economic activity in multilateral institutions, learners consider the effectiveness of international law in achieving development policy objectives in the Global South.

The module develops the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to conduct a socio-economic analysis of the conditions and institutions across the developing world, with particular emphasis on development and migration, inequality, poverty, the right to health and education, and the environment.

Societal impact: Business as a force for good

Students are provided with resources and space to question the orthodox understanding of growth and underdevelopment.

One student wrote in a feedback note that such discussions shaped their sense of responsible citizenship: “I found answers to questions I had for years”.


In 2021, International Law and Socio-Economic Development was awarded the Inclusive Practice Mark for diversifying the curriculum. The feedback from the university assessment panel noted that the module embraces a global outlook; learners are invited to conduct independent research about a country of their choice and are prompted to widen and deepen their knowledge of different cultures and socio-economic realities. In addition, the assessors noted that the module covers issues of social justice such as poverty, inequality, right to health and education across the world.

The intersections between social and economic factors are explored, focusing on development. In sessions, learners are invited to share their understandings with each other and engage in respectful discussion.

Learner success

One of our graduates, Marah Kelany, posted this on LinkedIn:

“During my years at university, I have studied many demanding courses. Although International Law and Socio-economic Development was undoubtedly more complex than other courses, it stayed with me and forced me to broaden my thinking.

“The entire module has given me the opportunity to delve further into a number of topics that interest me, and that I was less confident discussing in class.

“This module has undoubtedly changed my perspective on the world. It forced me to re-evaluate firmly held beliefs and made me acutely aware of global crises and issues. Discussions on topics such as the poverty index and the war in Ukraine have truly sparked my interest and motivated me to learn more.”

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This International Law and Socio-Economic Development module (DB662) meets the following UN global goals:

  • No poverty – standard one
  • Gender equality – standard five
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure – standard nine
  • Reduced inequalities – standard 10
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions – standard 16

UN global goals: No poverty - goal 1 UN global goals: Gender equality - 5 UN sustainable development goals: Industry, innovation and infrastructure - standard nine UN global goals: Reduced inequalities - standard 10 UN global goals: Peace, justice and strong institutions - standard 16

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Zoe Cassell • April 19, 2023

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