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Module insight: Human Rights and Business

Our Human Rights and Business module (LW516) provides learners with the opportunity to develop a socio-legal awareness of the human rights impact, violations and risks that arise from business conduct.

It also develops an understanding of the way in which international human rights law, including the United Nations (UN) guiding principles on business and human rights, could help address corporate human rights issues.

Learners are asked to use a reflective essay to tackle contextual issues in business, including  problems around the lack of accountability of various actors in the business industries.

Employability: Preparing learners for practice

Learners will learn and apply various legal regimes and regulations in international, national and company law (including state and non-state dispute resolution processes) to the context and practical circumstances in business. They will research company law, human rights regulation, due diligence processes, and learn through case studies of past conflicts that indicate human rights impact of business.

This module develops practical understanding, plus a critical and analytical mindset. This prepares learners with employability skills such as communication, planning and organisation, initiative, problem-solving and self-management.

Societal impact: Business as a force for good

The case study is based on the impact that business could have on human rights. The emphasis is on the impact including acts and omissions. The ability of business to promote good human rights and labour rights culture through due diligence and reporting including modern slavery statements and section 172(1) statements is also key focus. The businesses that learners study are transnational enterprises, which cover home and host states in developed and emerging countries.

Learners are encouraged to reflect  intellectual knowledge and experiences to enhance practice. They deliver a  piece of work that relates and evaluates the challenges of improving societal impact positively through human rights practices of their chosen business context.


Diverse learners drawn from many cultures, ethnic groups, genders, socioeconomic conditions, religions, and rooted in diverse historical and cultural traditions. They consider how these complex universal rules could apply in different domestic legal regimes, and in businesses that operate transnationally across countries and varying business environments.

Learner success

Human Rights and Business prepares learners to graduate and pursue specialist careers emerging in a growing human rights and business context internationally. Learners are educated on the international/global nature of business, and the importance of understanding how human rights obligations apply these diverse contexts.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This Human Rights and Business module (LW516) meets the following UN global goals:

  • Gender equality – standard five
  • Reduced inequalities – standard 10
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions – standard 16

UN global goals: Gender equality - 5 UN global goals: Reduced inequalities - standard 10 UN global goals: Peace, justice and strong institutions - standard 16

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Zoe Cassell • April 19, 2023

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