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Module insight: Cultural Insights for International Business

Our Cultural Insights for International Business module gives you the opportunity to expand a stand-alone medium sized company/organisation in the UK, from different business sectors, internationally. You’ll propose the feasibility of strategically expanding to another country – the company could be public, private or not-for-profit.

You’ll dive in to the company’s published accounts and internal workings, via a variety of quality journals/news reports and academic sources, to understand the internal operations of a business, and how this knowledge influences development opportunities. This includes the pros, cons and decisions to expand internationally.

Using learned models and business formats, you’ll look critically at the challenges ahead. The skills you gain from this module are set up to have a positive impact on your future career.

Preparing you for the workplace

You’ll use strategic business models and problem-solving tools/digital technologies to examine real-life business situations. You’ll research company data, and learn through case studies of similar scenarios of where the models have been previously applied in business expansion. This helps build your understanding of the practical skills involved and developing a future-orientated mindset, building on your future agility and employability skills.

Societal impact:

By comparing two different cultural locations internationally, you’ll explore the variety of differences in running a business in both locations.

Through formative and summative assessment, you’re encouraged to share intellectual knowledge and experiences to enhance practice. Your work will relate and evaluate the challenges of improving societal impact positively, through innovative practices across a range of issues, including climate and equality issues.


Our students are from a range of diverse culturally-embedded ethnicity of genders, socioeconomic conditions, religions, rooted in historical and cultural traditions.

International businesses equally operate within complex legislative and regulatory arenas. The purpose of this module is to foster experiences, awareness, understanding, acceptance and respect for diverse viewpoints related to current and emerging international business issues/practices. This helps advance inclusion and diversity issues in the context of the international cultural landscapes.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

This Cultural Insights for International Business module meets the following UN global goals:

  • Decent work and economic growth – standard eight
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure – standard nine
  • Reduced inequalities – standard 10

UN global goals: decent work and economic growth - standard 8 UN sustainable development goals: Industry, innovation and infrastructure - standard nine UN global goals: Reduced inequalities - standard 10

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Zoe Cassell • April 19, 2023

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