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Accounting and finance student Lisa

Student Lisa shares what it’s like as a mature learner at the School of Business and Law

Lisa was a student on our Business Management foundation year and is now a first-year on our Accounting and Finance BSc.

We caught up with Lisa about how she’s found studying with us so far.

“I’m so glad I did the foundation year because as a mature student, I needed it. It helped me get back into academic life.

“The foundation year allowed me to get over the culture shock in a safe setting, work out where everything was and how everything worked here.

“I excelled in the foundation year, which really built my confidence in preparation to begin year one.”

Lisa left school after her GCSEs and worked in administration, working her way up to a buyer and a commercial manager in various sectors.

“I worked in the sector but didn’t have a foundation of business understanding, which prevented me from getting promoted. 

“After having my two children, I started my own photography business which was eye-opening! It showed me how much you need to understand multiple areas of business and a steely determination to ensure success. 

“20 percent of my time was actual photography and the other 80 percent was business that I wasn’t equipped for. I was winging it and it didn’t feel good.” 

Lisa’s photography business didn’t make it through the pandemic and it forced her to re-evaluate. 

“I knew if I retrained and studied to get my accountancy qualifications, I would have much more job security and financial independence in the future. 

“From my personal point of view, I’m here for a different reason. I’ve got my own motivation – I don’t want to just pass, I want to achieve.” 

In her foundation year there was a mix of ages, which helped to create a sense of belonging. 

“There were other mature students so I didn’t feel like the odd one out. The School of Business and Law building makes it feel like you’re already in an organisation.” 

Lisa shares her top tips for starting at uni: 

  1. Don’t stress out – there’s always an answer and a team of people at the uni wanting to help. 
  2. Plan your time – there’s a lot of self-studying, which can be a shock when you first start so manage your time with a plan that includes self-study time slots. 
  3. Try not to feel overwhelmed – if you need help or aren’t sure about something, reach out and ask your peers, your tutors or your Student Support and Guidance Tutor. 
  4. Know about Brighton Student Skills Hub – they can help with a range of things such as academic writing, writing essays, study habits and digital skills. 
  5. Do something physical – don’t get bogged down with only sitting at a screen or having your head permanently in a book. Get outdoors doing activities or simply walking, developing healthy habits for your body and therefore a more relaxed, healthy mind. 
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Zoe Cassell • November 21, 2022

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