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Questions to think about when writing a postgraduate application

How to write the perfect postgraduate application

Postgraduate study can help you to achieve your professional goals faster by equipping you with in depth subject knowledge and providing a space for critical thinking and discussion to take place. We have two intakes a year for postgraduate study, meaning that you can join a university in the top 50 for UK graduate outcomes (Complete University Guide 2022) at a time more convenient to you. 

When applying for your postgraduate course you need to submit a personal statement to support your application. This is your opportunity to convey your motivation and enthusiasm for your chosen course and to demonstrate your suitability for your intended studies at the University of Brighton. 

We’ve put together some questions to help you when writing your personal statement. It’s important to keep in mind that these are just a starting point, and each course will differ in what they are looking for so make sure to check the admissions criteria for extra guidance. And don’t forget – the most important thing is that you remember to tell us how passionate you are about studying your chosen course!

  1. Why do you want to study your chosen course? 
  1. Why do you want to study at the University of Brighton? 
  1. How will you apply your current skills, knowledge and experience to the course? 
  1. How does completion of this course fit into your career plans and ambitions? 
  1. What have you done in the way of relevant extracurricular activities, studies or work experience that demonstrate your dedication to the course? 
  1. What transferable skills do you have that you will you use when you become a student? 

You can find more information on the postgraduate application process on our website. 

If you are a graduate of the university applying for postgraduate study you may be eligible for the Vice-Chancellor’s masters alumni scholarship or the Alumni postgraduate scholarship 

If you are a new student, you may be eligible for one of our other scholarship funds. 

Check which postgraduate courses have January or February start dates at the University of Brighton. 

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Clare Prust • November 12, 2021

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