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On all our courses we work with external guest lecturers so that students can learn first-hand about the challenges different roles, industries and businesses face, supporting them in developing skills used in the real world and giving them insight into what careers are really like.

Helen Tuddenham

Helen Tuddenham, Executive Coach and Development Consultant

Earlier this month, Helen Tuddenham, Executive Coach and Development Consultant, spoke with our MBA students, giving them advice on some of the secret weapons that could help them find success in their careers.

Helen’s main advice was to build your networks and get yourself a mentor or a coach, or both! Adam Jones, MBA Programme Lead explains: “Those undertaking an MBA course of study at Brighton are usually those looking to develop their career or forward the organisation, Helen’s presentation reinforced the role of a mentor alongside study in achieving such ambitions”

Helen explained the difference between the two roles. A mentor being someone from within your organisation who is further along in their career than you. They can act as a sounding board, providing advice, guidance and career development – including navigating organisational politics!

Whereas a coach is typically someone from outside your organisation, who can help you get out of a career rut and feel more intentional about your career – this is generally a learning process about yourself and your behaviours rather than advice.

Helen, who runs her own consultancy, Helen Tuddenham Consulting, left students with this final piece of advice: “Throughout my career, I have received a huge benefit from having both mentors and coaches, which has helped to increase my confidence, my skills, and my visibility at work.

“They are far more accessible resources than most people think – to get the best out of them, consider carefully what you are looking to gain from the relationship before approaching someone. Be brave and ask!”


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Clare Prust • December 23, 2020

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