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Creative teaching and teaching creativity

As we continue to offer blended-learning to our students, two of our undergraduate lecturers, Midgie Thompson and Paul Levy have introduced an innovative approach to engaging students studying our second-year optional module, Creativity in Enterprise.

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Pre-Covid, this module was delivered in the traditional way of the lecturers sharing knowledge and experience in the classroom. With reduced face-to-face opportunities Paul, an expert in digital working and Midgie, a corporate creativity and personal performance trainer, are challenging the students to get curious, go on web quests to discover different examples of creativity and present back to the group what they have found. 

“When you think of creativity, a lot of people immediately think of the arts, actors or comedians, but we are trying to get students to consider the creativity in everything; from choosing what to wear in the morning, to preparing a meal or managing a team.” Midgie explains.

The quests we send students on are designed to inspire a curiosity to discover new things. This approach makes a shift for the student from being a recipient of knowledge to a more engaged and proactive learner, using the information and resources that are now widely available to apply textbook theory to real life.”

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Clare Prust • December 21, 2020

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